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If you’re renovating rooms in your home, you need to give flooring some thought. The types and styles of flooring create a foundation for many other aspects of your interior decorating. You want the right material for the room’s needs, but you also want your flooring to be beautiful.
At Everson’s Home Furnishings, we have many, many flooring choices. We’ll help you pick out something that will suit your needs.

Flooring Options

We have hardwood, vinyl sheets, vinyl planks or tiles, carpet, laminate and more. Below is some information on our most popular options.


Hardwood is a beautiful, traditional flooring. With so many varieties of rich woods, there’s likely some kind of hardwood that you’ll like. Most people like hardwood because the look is timeless and hardwood increase the value of their home. Hardwood is also durable. It can stand up to high foot traffic.
Hardwood does tend to be the most expensive flooring, and it’s susceptible to moisture damage. Scratches are also a possibility.


Vinyl is a very versatile flooring material. It can be used in virtually any room in the home, including bathrooms. Vinyl flooring is very low maintenance. Sweeping and mopping (with cleaners made for vinyl) are basically all that’s required to keep it looking nice.
Hardwood often needs polishing, while carpet stains easily. Vinyl doesn’t have these issues. It also has a high water resistance and is one of the cheapest flooring options.
Vinyl can be a bit hard to repair, and it’s also susceptible to yellowing as it ages. It’s also not biodegradable.


Carpet is a popular choice in bedrooms and recreation rooms, probably because it’s soft and comfortable underfoot. When considering carpet, you also have lots of options, such as fabric and pile types. Carpet’s advantages include insulation, softness and sound minimization.
Carpet is comfy and plush, but it does stain easily. It can retain moisture as well. If you have serious allergies, carpet fibers sometimes hold onto dust mites and other particles that could irritate or aggravate your allergies.


Laminate has similar advantages to vinyl. It’s easy to install, maintain and clean. It also holds up well against moisture.
Laminate is affordable, but it doesn’t have a huge impact on your home’s real estate value. And though laminate holds up against moderate amounts of moisture, standing water can ruin it.
If you’re looking for the right flooring for your home, stop by our store or give us a call! We’ll help you find the right choice.