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Find the Perfect Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential after a long, hard day of work. If your mattress is past its prime of 8 years or you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, you might want to consider upgrading it. You need to recharge, and rest your bones and muscles.

Restonic Mattresses

Everson’s Home Furnishings is also proud to sell Restonic mattresses. If you’re looking for a great mattress with good support, Restonic mattresses are hard to beat. Their mattresses come in different styles, including memory foam, latex, inner spring, individually pocketed coils and more.

Only a renowned, award-winning mattress can help you easily relax at night. That’s why we carry the best of the best. Restonic mattresses have received the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award for the past 8 years in a row. In addition, they have won the Women's Choice Award for Excellence in Brand Experience. Join the 96% of the women who agree that Restonic is the perfect choice for comfort and posture.

Double-Sided Restonic Mattresses

The Restonic Comfort Care Double-Sided mattress gives you ease and support at the same time—whether you sleep on your side, stomach or back. The plush two-sided design allows you to flip it over, once you feel a slight sinking in the surface to allow the foam to realign to your body. They are made in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (UP), so it’s easy for us to order you one in the size you want if it’s not currently in stock.
If you’re not sure what kind of mattress you need, our staff can ask you questions about how you sleep and what kind of support you need. We’ll help you figure out the best mattress for your needs, so you can get a great night’s sleep!
For more information or advice on how to pick out bedding or mattresses, give us a call! We’re happy to help you out.